The 2016-17 Big Bash League in stats

Freddie Wilde takes a look at some of the CricViz numbers from the recently concluded Big Bash League season. 

Fielding Impact

At CricViz we record and rank every fielding incident, prescribing positive or negative run values to successful or unsuccessful catches, run outs, and stops based on the incident’s difficulty and the time at which it occurred in the innings.

Collecting this data allows us to rank teams according to their fielding impact. The table below is the final fielding impact leaderboard from this season’s BBL.

Team (final league position)ImpactDropped Catches
Perth Scorchers (1)+54.7012
Brisbane Heat (2)+27.755
Sydney Sixers (3)+12.3510
Melbourne Renegades (5)+6.054
Melbourne Stars (4)-8.204
Hobart Hurricanes (7)-23.4510
Sydney Thunder (8)-31.1512
Adelaide Strikers (6)-31.509

There is a strong correlation between a team’s final league position and their fielding score. The eventual champions, Perth Scorchers, are way out in front with a fielding impact of +54.70 after recording three consecutive high impacts in their final matches of the season.

Shot Type

Of the 8015 shots played in the BBL, 427 of them were ‘defensive’ shots: forward defensive, backward defensive and no shot; that is 5.32% of shots played. All other shots that were played can be categorised as ‘scoring’ shots.

The shots played most often were the drive (2120), ‘working’ the ball (1247), pull (873), pushed (659), slog (606) and cut (585). The shots played least often were switch hit (7), fended (9), scoop (38), hook (61) and upper cut (63).

The shots with the highest average were the scoop (82.00), late cut (68.50), upper cut (68.50), dropped (68.00) and glance (51.33). The low averages for the late cut, dropped and glance – all low-risk shots – are to be expected, but the scoop and upper-cut are more surprising.

The shots with the lowest average were the switch hit (6.50), albeit from just seven shots, and then forward and backward defensive (7.00 and 14.00). Clearly, these two shots rarely bring any runs; their low average is understandable. The shot with the next lowest average is the slog (15.52), indicative of the risk it entails.

All shots that have boundary percentages of 5.19% or less unsurprisingly have strike rates of below 100: no shot (1.16), forward defensive (13.79), backward defensive (20.28), fended (33.33), pushed (55.99), dropped (71.57), steer (86.68) and worked (87.07).

The shots with the highest strike rates were slog sweep (255.62), hook (245.90), slog (217.82), upper cut (217.46) and scoop (215.78).

ShotPlayedAverageStrike RateDot Ball %Boundary %
Switch Hit76.50185.7128.57%28.57%
F Defensive2037.0013.7989.16%0.49%
B Defensive13814.0020.2882.60%0.72%
Slog Sweep16016.36255.6233.12%40.00%
Reverse Sweep8136.33134.5641.97%19.75%
Late Cut10468.50131.7330.76%17.30%
Upper Cut6368.50217.4633.33%39.68%
No Shot86NA1.1698.83%0.00%

Off Pace Balls

Of the bowlers to deliver at least 100 balls this season Ben Laughlin and Andrew Tye are well out in front in terms of percentage of off-pace balls bowled (leg cutters, off cutters, slower balls), with Laughlin bowling 51% and Tye bowling 38%. No one took more wickets with off-pace deliveries than Sean Abbott (8) and his strike rate from off-pace balls of 5.87 is only bettered by Tim Bresnan who took 4 wickets in just 19 off pace deliveries, giving him a strike rate of 4.75. The only two bowlers whose off-pace deliveries went at less than a run-a-ball were Laughlin (5.28) and Mitchell Johnson (5.52). The only five bowlers listed here to have higher economy rates from their off-paced deliveries than their overall aggregate are Dan Christian, Chris Tremain, Marcus Stoinis, Andre Russell and Jhye Richardson.

BowlerOff Pace Balls% Off Pace BallsWicketsAverageERStrike Rate
Ben Laughlin6751%511.805.2813.40
Mitchell Johnson2512%211.505.5212.50
Chris Jordan1716%118.006.3517.00
Andrew Tye8738%615.836.5514.50
Shane Watson109%1116.6010.00
Ben Hilfenhaus2412%127.006.7524.00
Tim Bresnan1916%45.506.944.75
Mark Steketee4219%412.257.0010.50
Ben Dwarshuis178%0NA7.05NA
Clint McKay3526%143.007.3735.00
Sean Abbott4721%87.377.525.87
Stuart Broad1910%212.007.579.50
Scott Boland4019%227.008.1020.00
Ben Cutting5628%516.008.5711.20
Dan Christian1312%119.008.7613.00
Jack Wildermuth3922%511.809.077.80
Marcus Stoinis2826%143.009.2128.00
Jhye Richardson2012%133.009.9020.00
Chris Tremain87%0NA12.00NA
Andre Russell77%117.0014.577.00
Pat Cummins2014%%126.007.8020.00

Freddie Wilde is an editor and analyst at CricViz. 

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