Data central to T20 future

CricViz features in an article in The Independent about the importance of data analysis to the future of cricket.

“CricViz, the analytics company, believe that fielding is a crucial area for growth, both in data mining and on-field performances. Only 25% of run outs requiring a direct hit in the ring are achieved. “Missing these chances is currently less notable on TV than the fumble on the boundary; team analysis is taking the lead here,” says Phil Oliver, the company’s founder. In this year’s Big Bash League, CricViz’s fielding metrics correlated strongly with overall performances of a team. The Perth Scorchers, the champions found to have saved a net of 54.70 runs in the field over their ten games, twice as many as anyone else, while the fielding of Sydney Thunder and Adelaide Strikers, who both finished in the bottom three, cost both teams 31 runs over the eight matches.”

Read the full article here.

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