Macro-analysis of 2017 Pakistan Super League squads

Aggregating career data of squad members helps form a broad picture of team strength in various areas.


Islamabad United have the highest average age of the five teams but in terms of actual T20 experience they have played fewer matches than three of the other four teams and have scored fewer runs than any of them. Lahore Qalanders are the least experienced team this season, ranking bottom in three of the four experience metrics. Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi boast the most T20 experience having played the most matches and scored the most runs and taken the third and first most wickets respectively. Quetta Gladiators have the second lowest average age but have good match experience.

TeamAverage AgeTotal MatchesTotal RunsTotal Wickets
Islamabad United29.951901266811178
Karachi Kings28.522224474341036
Lahore Qalanders26.90180629506947
Peshawar Zalmi29.572619466311546
Quetta Gladiators27.851929315941009


By average, run rate and balls per dismissal Karachi Kings are, by some distance, the top ranked batting team in this PSL. The other four teams are very closely matched across all three metrics, although Lahore Qalanders emerge as second to Kings in average and run rate.

TeamBatting AverageRun RateBalls Per Dismissal
Islamabad United24.707.6319.42
Karachi Kings30.887.9423.32
Lahore Qalanders25.907.8619.75
Peshawar Zalmi24.867.4719.95
Quetta Gladiators25.257.7319.58


Last year’s champions Islamabad United rank first in all three bowling metrics and are the only team with an economy rate of under seven. Lahore Qalanders and Peshawar Zalmi are very similarly matched, as are Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators. All five teams boast strong bowling statistics.

TeamBowling AverageEconomy RateStrike Rate
Islamabad United22.366.8719.52
Karachi Kings24.957.4220.17
Lahore Qalanders23.297.0519.80
Peshawar Zalmi23.427.0220.01
Quetta Gladiators24.917.6119.64

The bowling statistics by type reveal all five teams to have stronger spin bowling than seam bowling, with all five economy rates lower for spin than seam and four of the five averages lower for spin than seam. Lahore Qalanders’ and Islamabad United’s spin bowling stand out as the most impressive bowling attacks in the league.

TeamSeam AverageSeam ERSpin AverageSpin ER
Islamabad United24.667.3919.636.24
Karachi Kings24.717.6225.487.02
Lahore Qalanders25.657.6719.986.15
Peshawar Zalmi23.537.4923.476.78
Quetta Gladiators24.967.9424.857.12

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  1. PSL 2018
    PSL 2018 says:

    Islamabad definitely performing well and no doubt their performance in previous was remarkable and this season they are like fire. They gonna win this season like they did in 2016. I support Islamabad United and they will win.


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