2017 Pakistan Super League Review

A statistical summary of the 2017 Pakistan Super League.  

The Toss

The prevailing trend in this season’s PSL was the huge proportion of teams electing to field first upon winning the toss. In the 24 matches only once did the toss winner elect to bat first: Peshawar Zalmi against Lahore Qalandars in Match 16; all of the other 23 toss winners elected to field. This field first percentage of 95.83% is a record in major T20 competitions (WT20, BBL, BPL, CPL, IPL, T20 Blast and PSL) and is a 16.66% rise from the already-high figure of 79.17% from the 2016 PSL.

TeamMatches WonWon TossWon Toss/Won MatchWon Toss/Bat FirstWon Toss/Field FirstBat First WonField First Won
Islamabad United4/94/93/40/44/41/53/4
Karachi Kings5/105/103/50/55/52/53/5
Lahore Qalandars3/83/82/30/33/31/42/4
Peshawar Zalmi6/116/114/61/65/63/63/5
Quetta Gladiators5/106/103/60/66/62/43/6

In a season in which teams so strongly favoured to field first it makes sense that the two finalists, Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators, had the highest win percentage when batting first of 50%. No team had a win percentage of below 50% when fielding first.

Although this season saw record high levels of teams electing to field first the win percentage for teams fielding first fell slightly from 66.67% last season to 58.33% this season.

As happened in the 2016 PSL the number of matches won by each team correlates strongly with the number of tosses they won (see graph below). This season the win percentage for teams who won the toss was the same as last season at 62.50%.


The median first innings score rose slightly in this season’s PSL compared to last season from 146 to 155. This season there were more mid-range (140-160) first innings scores (7) compared to last season (5) and fewer low-range (139 or less) first innings scores (6) compared to last season (11). There were the same number of high-range (160 or more) scores this season (8) as there were last season (8).


Champions Peshawar Zalmi have relatively underwhelming batting numbers, ranking third for average, fifth for run rate and fifth for dot ball percentage but have the second best boundary percentage.

In contrast, runners-up Quetta Gladiators have broadly strong batting statistics, ranking first for average, second for run rate, first (by some distance) for dot ball percentage, but they lacked power and ranked fifth for boundary percentage.

Similarly, Karachi Kings appeared to have stable but unspectacular batting, ranking second for average and second for dot ball percentage but third for run rate and fourth for boundary percentage.

Fourth placed Islamabad United have the worst overall batting statistics, ranking fifth for average, fifth for run rate, third for boundary percentage and fourth for dot ball percentage.

Bottom of the table Lahore Qalandars boasted power, ranking first for run rate and boundary percentage, but second last for average and third for dot ball percentage.

TeamAverageRPOBoundary %Dot Ball %
Islamabad United19.667.1915%41%
Karachi Kings21.337.2815%39%
Lahore Qalandars19.867.6817%40%
Peshawar Zalmi20.927.1316%44%
Quetta Gladiators22.317.5614%34%

Peshawar Zalmi boast mid-range statistics by bowler type with the only glaring deficiency being their run rate v seam.

Quetta Gladiators clearly favoured facing spin with a very high balls per wicket against it compared to a very low balls per wicket against seam. Their run rate v spin was exceptional.

Karachi Kings statistics by bowler type are underwhelming with mid-range balls per wicket figures and a poor run rate v spin; they did at least score at a good rate v seam.

Islamabad United lost wickets regularly against seam and struggled to score quickly against spin.

Lahore Qalandars scored fast against both bowler types but had a glaring deficiency against spin, losing a wicket every 14 balls.

TeamBPW v SeamRPO v SeamBPW v SpinRPO v Spin
Islamabad United14.977.7118.816.49
Karachi Kings17.257.7318.046.55
Lahore Qalandars17.107.5613.857.84
Peshawar Zalmi17.057.4018.206.85
Quetta Gladiators14.287.5828.717.52


Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United clearly emerge as the strongest bowling teams, boasting the first and second ranked average, strike rate and dot ball percentage and first and third ranked economy rate respectively. Lahore Qalandars also have impressive bowling figures, recording the second lowest economy rate and the lowest boundary percentage. In contrast, Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings emerge as the weakest bowling teams, ranking fifth and fourth for average and economy rate.

TeamAverageSRERBoundary %Dot Ball %
Islamabad United22.4218.227.3815%39%
Karachi Kings25.1320.167.4815%37%
Lahore Qalandars24.8320.67.2314%37%
Peshawar Zalmi21.0917.787.1215%40%
Quetta Gladiators27.1421.437.616%39%

Islamabad United and Peshawar Zalmi rank first and second respectively for seam bowling average and economy rate. However while Peshawar also rank second for spin average and spin economy rate as well, Islamabad had the worst spin figures. Lahore Qalandars were the strongest spin team, while Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators both recorded unspectacular bowling figures in both bowling types but had better spin numbers than seam & bowled more spin overs than the other three teams.

TeamSeam AveSeam ERSpin AveSpin ERSeam Overs
Islamabad United20.127.0829.858.1471%
Karachi Kings25.57.5824.617.3358%
Lahore Qalandars28.63819.76.0960%
Peshawar Zalmi20.857.2621.56.961%
Quetta Gladiators308.2825.157.1158%

Freddie Wilde is an analyst for CricViz. Follow him on Twitter @fwildecricket

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