Head-to-Head Analysis: Morne Morkel v Alastair Cook

Freddie Wilde uses CricViz data to analyse the head-to-head between Morne Morkel and Alastair Cook.

Morne Morkel has now dismissed Alastair Cook 11 times in Test cricket – more than any other bowler.

Morkel v Cook6871124.81

Morkel has always favoured bowling round the wicket to Cook, but before this series he had most success when bowling over the wicket.

Before Current SeriesOver the WicketRound the Wicket
Balls Bowled30%70%
Average (Wickets)9.22 (6 wickets)72.00 (2 wickets)

A closer look at the head-to-head by series suggests that after a poor start Cook has been improving against Morkel’s over the wicket angle.

EngvSA SeriesMorkel Dismissals of Cook from Over the Wicket

In the current series Morkel has adjusted his tactics and had success when bowling round the wicket.

Current SeriesOver the WicketRound the Wicket
Balls Bowled18%82%
Average (Wickets)- (0 wickets)19.33 (3 wickets)

Historically Cook has had success against right arm pace from round the wicket.

Cook v RA Pace [Career]Over the WicketRound the Wicket

The critical difference has been Morkel’s length. In this series Morkel has bowled a notably fuller length than he has before and than other right armers have to Cook.

v Cook from Round the WicketBalls 6m or Fuller from Cook's Stumps
Morkel Before Current Series31%
RAs to Cook [Career]32%
Morkel in Current Seriees47%

The fuller length from Morkel has brought the stumps slightly more into play.

Morkel v Cook from Round the WicketStumps Percentage
Before Current Series31%
Current Series38%

By bowling fuller and targeting the stumps more often, Morkel has encouraged Cook to play at the ball more often.

Morkel v Cook from Round the WicketShot
Before Current Series57%
Current Series64%

With Cook’s stumps under threat and his outside edge more in play, Morkel’s threat has been increased by the amount of deviation he has found.

Morkel v Cook from Round the WicketAverage Deviation
Before Current Series0.685°
Current Series0.841°
Morkel’s key attribute, whether bowling from over the wicket or round the wicket is his extra bounce compared to other bowlers.
LengthMorkel Stumps Bounce HeightAverage Stumps Bounce Height [Pace]
Back of a Length110.4cm95.4cm

Cook is a great player, hence it is testament to Morkel’s skill that he has not only managed to dominate him from over the wicket but from round the wicket as well.

Freddie Wilde is an analyst at CricViz. @fwildecricket

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