Analysing the Headingley pitch

CricViz analyses how the Headingley pitch is not behaving as expected. 

‘Bounce velocity ratio’ is a measure extracted from ball-tracking data that tells us the percentage of pace the ball loses after pitching.

The graph below compares Test venues in England according to this measure, based on ball-tracking data from 76 Tests in England since 2007. NB: this does not include the on-going Test match at Headingley. 

The graph suggests that the bounce off the pitch at Headingley—the grey line—gets quicker over the course of a Test match; more so than at any other venue.

The graph below shows the current Test match at Headingley in which the pitch is not behaving as historical ball-tracking data suggests it should.

In this Test the ball is beginning to lose pace after pitching, this can be seen in those deliveries that are keeping low. As such conclusions as to what might happen in the fourth innings of this Test based on recent matches at Headingley should be drawn with caution. This is an unusual Headingley pitch.

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