T20 Global League 2017 Draft: Where the money went

CricViz analyst Freddie Wilde investigates how money was spent in the 2017 T20 Global League Draft. 

The 2017 T20 Global League Draft was held on 26th and 27th of August in Cape Town. The salary information for each bracket of the draft is disclosed by Cricket South Africa and allows close analysis of how money was spent by the eight teams.


Collecting players by role and calculating the average salary of those roles shows batting skills to be valued considerably higher than bowling skills. The four most highly paid roles are all those that involve batting with batsmen and wicket-keepers most highly valued.


Collecting players by age-group shows the average salary to rise steadily through five-year age brackets. This is a trend that is generally evident in drafts but it is unsurprisingly prevalent in a new league in which new sets of management are drafting relatively unknown players.


Analysing overseas players by nationality shows England, Pakistan and West Indies players to have been the most popular in the draft.

Analysing average salaries by nation shows England and West Indies players to have considerably higher average salaries than Pakistan players. With only two players each from New Zealand and Sri Lanka their average salaries are lifted by the presence of two marquee international players.


111 of the 144 players drafted are South African and 33 are overseas. Of the South Africans 65 of them are uncapped at international level and 46 are capped. None of the overseas players are uncapped.

Average salaries within these categories show capped South African players and overseas players to have similar average salaries of $118,478 and $118,333 respectively with uncapped South Africans considerably lower at $34,538.

CricViz is a data analytics company offering services to broadcasters and professional teams and players. 

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