Introducing: TrackingViz

CricViz is excited to showcase new analytical capabilities.

TrackingViz is CricViz’s newest analytical tool which brings our database to life by visualising ball-tracking data in detail using a clean and simple style.


At CricViz we have a ball-tracking archive for Test, ODI and T20 cricket and a footwork, shot-type, and shot-connection archive for Test, ODI and T20 cricket. By combining these two datasets CricViz has established an unprecedented database. With TrackingViz we can bring this database to life with some familiar, and some new, visualisations.


By combining ball-tracking with batting data CricViz can replicate tracking visualisations seen in-broadcast: beehives, pitch maps and contact points. The example below illustrates how Fakhar Zaman used his feet against India in his Champions Trophy Final century, regularly coming down the pitch and taking big strides forward onto the front foot. Zaman’s busy footwork is more clearly illustrated by comparison to Babar Azam’s from the same match. 


By aggregating ball-tracking data CricViz can produce Heatmaps for career dismissals (red) and career boundaries (green) which illustrate strengths, weaknesses and trends with a darker shading representing a greater concentration. Overlaying basic ball-tracking on Heatmaps enables in-depth analysis of series and match data against career data. The examples below show how in the Champions Trophy Final Pakistan stayed away from Shikhar Dhawan’s strength outside off stump and bowled a tight line, giving him no room to free his arms and how Pakistan targeted Virat Kohli’s weakness outside off stump. 


Our most advanced visualisation tool are Grids which illustrate batting and bowling runs per wicket, balls per wicket and scoring rate within specific areas on pitch maps or beehives. The examples below illustrate how although both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are supremely strong ODI players the margin for error in bowling to Kohli is appreciably smaller than it is bowling to Rohit – this can be seen in the lighter colour shading between six and ten metres from Rohit’s stumps.


TrackingViz will feature exclusively on the Match Centre of our mobile app as part of analysis driven by our Match Editors. The CricViz app covers all international cricket and major domestic T20 competitions. In addition to TrackingViz the CricViz app features unique analytical tools, WinViz, PredictViz, PlayViz and BatViz.

Download the free CricViz app now.

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  1. Ash
    Ash says:

    Can you please confirm if Tracking Viz is already active? I currently have the CricViz app, but cannot locate Tracking Viz within “match centre”

    Love your Ashes blogs – very insightful, and great analysis/trends


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