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Top bowling speeds in ICC Champions Trophy 2017

We’re keeping tabs on who’s bowling the quickest in the tournament, on what have been reasonably slippery pitches. Milne from New Zealand has marched into the lead; plenty more quicks to come who haven’t yet played, including a few in today’s India v Pakistan clash at Edgbaston. We’ll update this table as the tournament progresses, […]

The top 10 T20 death bowlers: IPL 2017

Now that cricketers have dispensed with the tedium of a winter rest (“Sleep’s for wimps”; Derek Trotter, 1985), instead plying their trade on the global cricketing treadmill, we are better equipped to look at recent form. There are almost no significant gaps in the T20 calendar, so a bowler who rocks up for one tournament […]

Analysing Australia ahead of the 2017-18 Ashes

Australia pulled off an impressive victory within three days against India in Pune, their first win in India since 2004.  This comes off the back of a middling home season where they lost 2-1 to South Africa but recovered to beat Pakistan 3-0. CricViz looks ahead to what England might expect later this year in […]

Data central to T20 future

CricViz, the analytics company, believe that fielding is a crucial area for growth, both in data mining and on-field performances. Only 25% of run outs requiring a direct hit in the ring are achieved. “Missing these chances is currently less notable on TV than the fumble on the boundary; team analysis is taking the lead […]

The (data) revolution in fielding

While batting and bowling have had quantifiable numbers associated with them, in order to help judge success or failure, fielding has remained untouched until very recently. Jonathan Liew from The Telegraph looks at how England are using a similar model as CricViz to monitor fielders’ performance. Phil Oliver runs the stats company CricViz, which provides […]

Cricket stats for November 2016

Aside from our app and its models and forecasting, we also work with global broadcasters and other publications to provide rich, contextual analysis. Often it’s about helping them create a story or theme, where numbers are needed to confirm (or dispute) a theory they’ve come up with. With so much data, however, it’s very often […]