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December 2019

Product Manager / Product Developer

Ellipse Data is a sport data and analysis company, comprising CricViz, RugbyViz and in 2020, TennisViz.

CricViz analyses highly detailed cricket data, then build products out of them. These include statistical models, predictive algorithms, new metrics, APIs and web tools we have built and sold to a growing customer base around the world. We now need a skilled and hard-working product manager to help manage our existing products and clients, and help build more products. We work with TV broadcasters like Sky in the UK, Foxtel in Australia, ICC, most of the major UK sport media and several teams, helping to prepare their coaching staff with our detailed analysis.

Your role is to manage the delivery, maintenance or creation of our products, whether that is an API for a broadcaster, a new model to be included in our app, a bug fix to one of our internal web tools, or a new feature request from a client.

You will be working with lots of data and technology, so we have a preference for someone who can understand Python or would be willing / eager to learn how to develop applications on your own. You will have a lot of autonomy, so an ability to work independently and have confidence in your skills is essential; we want you to take ownership of each product, while working with our designer, wider development team, editorial colleagues and others.

Product Management is as much about timelines and communication as it is having fun designing a product. We need someone who won’t be afraid to chase developers while keeping others up to date. You will need to be familiar and comfortable using web tools like Slack, Asana, Trello and be a stickler for time-keeping, resource management and setting realistic but ambitious expectations. Someone who can get their hands dirty, too – we all have multiple roles and it’s better to fix something yourself than wait a week for your developer to become available.

We’re a small team of 15 (mixture of editorial, developers, data science) and work flexibly: remotely via Slack, or at our office at The Oval cricket ground in south London, where everyone meets at least once a week. Hours are very flexible and we watch a lot of cricket. Obviously. You don’t need to love cricket, but an appreciation (or passion) of sport is needed.

We think we have the best job. If you think you’re keen, send us a note and let’s have a chat.


* It’s sport and tech. What more do you want?
* We work at The Oval
* We talk about, analyse and geek-out over sport all day long
* We have more data on these sports than anyone and have only scratched the surface of what is possible
* We’ve started playing darts a lot


* Remote working is fine, provided you can attend meetings in London occasionally.
* No agencies at all.
* We’d consider applicants outside the UK, within a reasonable timezone


You don’t need to love cricket, but an appreciation of data and sport is essential: we need hard working people who love sport and data and have an inherent understanding of what is technologically possible.

If you’re a bit inexperienced, that’s fine – just show us what you can do, and send a link to your portfolio if you have one.

This is a full-time role, but we are also open to exceptional applicants who wish to work alongside existing university/college studies, with a view to exploring a more permanent role once the studies have been completed.

Apply! with your CV and a covering note

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