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CricViz have worked with the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph since the 2017/18 Ashes series, and have maintained a very close relationship ever since.
One of the most established voices on cricket in this country – and the world – The Telegraph in all its incarnations has sought to provide unique, intelligent cricket reporting for its readers, and in the past two years CricViz has been a key aspect of that.

On matchdays, editors are able to contact CricViz analysts throughout the game. They can request graphics, data and analysis on any relevant topic, fitting into their own editorial plan. Equally, they are able to rely on the analyst to direct the work, with CricViz offering angles that others might not.

Beehives and graphics are a clear, informative addition to the coverage. If Nick Hoult is arguing that England bowled too short with the new ball and struggled to find swing, a simple pitchmap comparing England’s lengths to the opposition bowlers’ can support the point visually. A paean from Scyld Berry about how Mark Wood’s spell in St Lucia is the fastest he has ever seen from an England player can be accompanied by our historical records supporting his claim. CricViz provide an end of day briefing for every England game they cover, a series of short and sharp analytical observations from the day.

They could vary, from who swung the new ball more, Broad or Anderson? to whether or not Virat Kohli was batting out of his crease more than usual. These can be dropped into match reports and columns, giving an analytical flavour to the paper’s entire output.

Other case studies

Data Collection


The official data collection relationship provides the foundation for a long-term strategic partnership between the ECB and CricViz.

Broadcast & Media

The Hundred

The Hundred is among the most watched cricket around the world, looking to change the way cricket is perceived worldwide.

Broadcast & Media

Fox Sports

For every Australian home game, a CricViz analyst has been onsite, right in the thick of things as a key part of the broadcast team.