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CricViz launches enhanced WinViz Model

Graphic of CricViz Launching Enhanced WinViz Model
Graphic of CricViz Launching Enhanced WinViz Model

WinViz undergoes significant development adding new AI-powered metrics ahead of Ashes series

LONDON, JUNE 15, 2023: CricViz, the world’s leading cricket data and analytics provider, has launched its latest release of the popular WinViz model ahead of the upcoming Men’s Ashes series. Now powered by AI and machine learning, WinViz will constantly evolve to reflect the latest developments in Test cricket.

Created to give cricket fans an answer to ‘Who’s winning?’, WinViz is used to predict the outcome of any given match. Throughout the last decade, WinViz has become a crucial part of Test cricket broadcasts worldwide, used by the ICC, Sky Sports and Fox Sports, while also being found on Match Centres for Cricket West Indies and Wisden.

The necessity to enhance WinViz metrics follows the recent trends of faster scoring rates and more aggressive tactics in Test cricket. The upgraded metrics include improved accuracy of the intuition behind the numbers and have been developed to ensure movements of the model through the game provide interesting stories for fans.

Additionally, a conditional probability element has been developed to help answer questions such as ‘How would WinViz change with two wickets?’ and ‘What would WinViz be if the batting side declared?’. This new functionality will provide added depth to the understanding behind Test matches.

Patrick Noone, Director of Broadcast and Media for CricViz said, “WinViz is undoubtedly one of the leading examples of how harnessing the power of data can make cricket better. It’s become such a powerful tool for broadcasters as seen in the recent World Test Championship Final and we’re looking forward to seeing how it continues to increase fan engagement in stadiums and audiences watching Test cricket worldwide.”

James Norton-Brown, Head of Data Science at CricViz added, “I’m delighted with the latest version of WinViz, and excited to see it launched in time for the Men’s Ashes series. WinViz has been a fundamental part of CricViz’s success and this advancement will provide additional opportunities for new products.”

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