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England’s shift from aggression to conservatism

CricViz analysis features in the Telegraph as Tim Wigmore documents the stylistic overhaul undertaken by England’s Test team.

CricViz have an agreement in place to provide The Telegraph newspaper in the UK with advanced data analysis and visualisations, delivered to their team of award-winning journalists via our team of analysts.

After Dom Sibley’s 372-ball innings at Old Trafford in the the 2nd Test against West Indies, Tim Wigmore noted how it represented a wider shift in mindset for England under Chris Silverwood, compared to the Trevor Bayliss era.

Emphasising England’s new found emphasis on crease occupation, Wigmore writes: “England are now scoring 0.42 runs an over slower in the first 30 overs. They are leaving the ball more in this period – and, crucially, have gone from losing an average of three wickets in the first 30 overs to a mere 1.5.”

Wigmore also looked at the impact on England’s bowling, noting that, “under Silverwood, England have sacrificed potency for greater control – their bowling strike rate has increased from 49 to 65, but their economy rate has decreased from 3.3 to 2.9.”

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