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Expected Wickets Analysis on Fox Cricket

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CricViz achieved a major breakthrough in our broadcast offering during the first Test between Australia and West Indies at Optus Stadium in Perth. In Fox Cricket’s ‘Lab’ segment, former Australian batter Michael Hussey used our Expected Wickets model to illustrate how fortunate Marnus Labuschagne had been during his two innings throughout the Test match.

The conversation that followed Hussey’s analysis between Mark Howard, Isa Guha and Adam Gilchrist went on to reference Andy Moore, one of the team of Collection Analysts who record all the data that is fundamental to CricViz’s analysis. In doing so, the coverage was a rare simultaneous showcasing of several different parts of the business, including data science, broadcast support and data collection.

It was the first time the model has featured on a live cricket broadcast, having previously featured in tweets, blogs and podcasts both internally and with other clients, such as Sky Sports. We thank the producers at Fox Cricket for buying in to the model and allowing us to showcase how the numbers can be used to tell data driven stories in a fresh, innovative way.
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