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Our database

The most comprehensive database in world cricket

The CricViz database sits at the heart of everything we do and provides the cornerstone for all of our products, insight and analysis. The database contains scorecard data for almost every major game of cricket ever played, with full scorecard data for almost 40,000 games dating back to the 19th century and updated daily.

However, the database offers much more depth than simple scorecards. Our highly skilled collection team collect up to 30 data points for every single ball bowled in all major competitions and capture this in our database to give us a complete record of every ball, capturing not just the score but the type of ball bowled, the type of shot played and the key activity in the field. All of this data is then tagged, labelled and archived in a way that supports the most granular searches imaginable.

As technology develops, the information we capture on every ball has also evolved. Increasingly, we are putting video and other dynamic data within our records, meaning that we can not only provide the statistics around the ball but also provide a fully catalogued visual database for every ball in world cricket.