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Performance analysis

Making cricket teams better around the world

Query tool and Centurion provide a stand-alone set of products for the Pro market. These products provide access to the data and models which underpin the CricViz database, in a highly accessible and customisable format. It empowers teams to use data and analysis in their approach.

However, for many of our partners, we go further and support the analysis of this data to provide the insights necessary to maximise individual performance and create the best possible and most balanced team. We deploy experienced analysts who have worked with cricket boards and pro teams around the world. We use data, video and coaching experience to provide opposition analysis and playing strategies to the coaching team and individuals, and combine this with our data science models to determine the optimum strategy for every possible game outcome.

Creating a winning strategy from the first paddle to the final ball

Over the past five years, CricViz has become recognised as one of the leading advisors to the world’s biggest white ball franchise through our team of analysts and data scientists. Bringing experience from dressing rooms and auction tables in all major leagues, leading analysts harness the power of the database, video, and visualisations like nobody else. Our team has the skills and experience to lead the recruitment process in franchise cricket and deliver highly informed and polished packs of information and strategy for players and coaches, the performance analysis team uses the best data, presented in the best way.

In short, CricViz’s performance analysis services deliver elite insight to answer the questions: 

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Performance analysis


Our performance analysis expertise is used by the world’s leading professional teams and competitions 

Four key applications

Talent evaluation

Squad optimisation

Player development

Match management


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The Hundred is one of the most watched cricket tournaments around the world.

Looking to change the way cricket is perceived in the UK and across the world, CricViz was central to the delivery of another successful competition.

“CricViz has played an integral part in making The Hundred accessible for fans. The ball-by-ball analysis has helped new audiences get to grips with understanding cricket.”
Jonty Hadfield
Digital Product Manager

Other case studies

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Data Collection


The official data collection relationship provides the foundation for a long-term strategic partnership between the ECB and CricViz.
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Broadcast & Media

The Hundred

The Hundred is among the most watched cricket around the world, looking to change the way cricket is perceived worldwide.
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Broadcast & Media

Fox Sports

For every Australian home game, a CricViz analyst has been onsite, right in the thick of things as a key part of the broadcast team.

Other case studies