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Sky Sports – James Anderson’s Expected Wickets

CricViz’s Expected Wickets model appeared on the Sky Sports Cricket website.

Sky Sports journalist Sam Drury has used advanced CricViz data in his article about James Anderson, and how the veteran seamer has responded to criticism this summer.

Rumours of retirement have plagued Anderson over the last few weeks, and Drury wrote about how Anderson’s rebuttal.

According to Expected Wickets, Anderson’s performance has stayed strong. As Drury says, “The Lancastrian has averaged 41.16 this summer, as already mentioned, but CricViz have his Expected Average at 24.70 – his third best home summer by that metric, behind only 2017 and 2018.”

The article comes to a conclusion based on the data – “Simply put, since 2007, the data suggests Anderson has actually bowled better this summer than in all but two of the previous 13 years. He just has not had the rewards.”

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